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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Animal Run. Week 11 CSM

week 11 CSM from Frankie Swan on Vimeo.

Just finished my first week back to Uni after a glorious christmas holiday, took me a couple of days to adjust my sleeping pattern but i 'm settled in now and glad to back. 
Our fist assignment was to animate an animal run. Having already done an animal walk i wanted to try something different and animate a run in two point perspective. It was quite challenging trying to maintain the structure and getting the proportions correct (of near enough correct) but i think it does the job of creating the illusion of the 3rd dimension, which is definitely something i want to get to grips with over this year.
I want to clean this up and color it, but i am not sure what method i should use yet. The tail could use a bit more follow through and face needs movement in the mouth and nose which i will sort out. Do you see any thing else that needs changing?? Or have any clean up suggestions??? 
please please please leave a comment.    

On the northern line, week 11 plus other observations

Reading through Walt Stanchfield famous lecture notes in Drawn to Life has totally changed my approach to drawing. Over this term i will be trying hard to put his lessons into practice. It was also highly recommended to me by animators Timothy McCourt and Wesley Louis and so I strongly urge everyone to get this book!